Hover over grammar link not working


I know the grammar checker is notoriously stupid but it does help me catch the occasional error in my writing, so I leave it turned on.

The problem is that, in Scrivener and only in Scrivener (it works fine in other apps), if I hover over the green grammar link, the hint flickers a few times and then disappears before you can even read it.

I have a video demonstrating the issue but can’t upload it here. I can forward it on via email if you like.

Any ideas?


This is working fine for me in Scrivener, and unfortunately, even if it occurs only in Scrivener, the grammar system is a black box so it all comes from Apple code. Certainly forward the video to us, though, although I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much, I’m afraid.

All the best,

Don’t worry for now then, Keith. I’ll do a new install over the weekend and upgrade to Mojave, see if the problem goes away.

Don’t want to waste your time if it’s an OS issue.


Obviously I can never be 100% sure that Scrivener isn’t doing something somewhere to interfere (as it does customise the editor quite a lot), but because of the black box nature of the grammar checker, I can’t even think of anywhere to begin looking with this one! Let me know if a clean install fixes it or if the you spot any patterns, such as problems with particular texts or projects.

Thanks and all the best,

Bit of a delayed response - took ages to get around to it - but a clean install did fix the problem. I’m still having inconsistencies with spelling and grammar - as per other posts - but it seems the OS is a bit squiffy in this regard, clearly not a Scrivener issue.