Hover to preview link?

Browsers and email clients tend to display a preview of each link as you hover over it. The preview usually appears at the base of the pane. This feature would be useful in Scrivener’s editor as well, as a way of ascertaining the content, accuracy and boundaries of each link without having to edit or click on it.

Thanks for considering!


Yes, this will be implemented as a tooltip, most likely. It’s a little more difficult to justify using the footer bar for this since it is functional, and doesn’t have a dedicated space for displaying URLs, like browsers do.

Excellent, thanks Amber. :smiley:

BTW, I’ve discovered since making that request how splendidly tooltips work when hovering over comments. They get the full RTF treatment. If you choose a font substantially larger than the default, you can use comments as a compact “hover to discover” reference system.

Yeah, it’s nice being able to read the contents of a note without having to open the pane. Another place we use tooltips is when hovering over items in the binder. The synopsis will be displayed, there.