how about a built-in offline Wiki?

You mean like VoodooPad or Trunk Notes? You can kind of achieve that with Scrivener since it has a linking system. A tip that might help with that is to turn on wiki style links in the Auto-Correction preference pane. There is an option beside “Automatically detect web addresses” called “and [[Scrivener links]]”. When you type in brackets around an item name, if it exists it will be linked immediately as soon as you type in the last closing bracket. If it doesn’t exist it will prompt you to create a new item based on the given name, and ask where to put it. That’s going to be the largest divergence from true wiki style note taking, since wikis allow you to link to pages that do not yet exist. Presumably you’d have to build that page some day anyway, so Scrivener just puts the creation order up front instead of deferring it to later.

Are there any other aspects of a wiki that you are thinking of?

ah, but you see, I do not mean “kind of”, you know? I mean the real thing or very close to it.

the ability to put things into categories, say “People”, “Places”, etc. and subcategories. (I already do this folders, to a limited extent, though, like I said to a limited extent because it gets awkward.) and a front page.

Enhancements that I would actually appreciate would be for an auto-complete list to appear after you enter [[ and the first couple of letters, to help match existing file names. Not forcing the user to create a new file at the time of scriv link creation, when the name doesn’t match an existing file, would also be an improvement in my opinion. Clicking on such a link would be a better time to prompt the user to create the new file.

Just hit Ctrl-Escape to bring up a list of completions for document titles.

(No plans for a full wiki system in Scrivener, sorry, that’s not Scrivener’s “thang”. :slight_smile: )

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Sounds like Keywords to me, they essentially work like Categories do in most software like this. You can even build an index “page” by saving a keyword search as a Saved Search Collection.

As for a home page or front page: you can do that by making a document at the top of the Binder (or anywhere really) and using that to construct the entire structure via Scrivener Links off of it. Add it to your Favorites list so that it is easily accessible from the Go To and QuickReference menus.

Another thing: you get backlinks too, just like in a wiki, with the default settings. When you create a new document via a Scrivener Link in any way, a back-reference will be added to the new document, pointing to the document that created it. This is added as a brief note in the Synopsis, and also as a regular Reference in the appropriate Inspector pane. If you link to that document again from another place, it will also add itself to the target’s Reference list (though only the first one does anything to the synopsis—that’s more meant to be a temporary thing so you know why the file is there, in the future).

And yes, sorry, forgot to mention the all important Ctrl-Esc. For linking to stuff that already exists, that saves a lot of time.

well, that begs the question of whether Scrivener could ever have plug-ins. like, say, integrating the brilliant Aeon app with Scrivener. a whole 'nother discussion, though, that one.