How about an affiliate program?

Have you ever considered instituting an affiliate program, such as the one applied here: … iates.html

I’m sure a lot of us with blogs and websites would like to spread the word on Scrivener — many of us already do — but it couldn’t hurt to encourage it by sharing the crumbs of wealth.

Just an idea.

Maybe when I’m rich. :slight_smile: Right now 13-15% of the purchase price goes to eSellerate and I’m trying to beg the tax man not to take another 40%, so I like to cling onto every penny for the time being. I would like to own a house before I’m 40. :slight_smile:
All the best,

Does your wife/partner work?

Never mind.

Speak to an accountant about setting up a company to run the sales through. If it is done correctly, then you may be able to use your better half’s tax allowance to lessen the burden somewhat. You can also use it as a pension vehicle (though being a teacher on a final salary scheme, it may not be worth the time and effort).

Also, if you are making sales above the VAT threshold, then you can register and buy stuff through the company and knock off the VAT (has to be business related though, so your XBox doesn’t count).

Anyway, talk to a qualified accountant or tax specialiast, not the taxman.

As a retired and ridiculously rich accountant once told me:


Hey Rayz, yeah, we have an accountant. Feels strange to have an accountant, I have to admit. :slight_smile: (My other half is a tech journalist, incidentally.) And our accountant recently got us to set up L&L as a limited company. I can tell you that I had a good glass of sparkling wine when I received my certificate stating that I was a “company director”. I remind myself that I am a CO whenever a child in my class says something like, “Mr Blount, what is a ‘Tudor’”, whilst traipsing around the British Museum after a whole term of me teaching them about Henry VIII and Life in Tudor Times…

Mmm … then you’re all sorted then!