How about making snapshot into a toolbar icon option?

Hi, I’m just starting out – and maybe I will soon get cmd-5 into my active memory when I use it enough. I find that the best toolbar commands are those you use just infrequently enough to forget their keyboard shortcut, but frequently enough to be irked that you have to search menus for a command that you know exists… somewhere.

Right now Snapshot is that way for me, and when i went to add it to a customized toolbar, i didn’t see the icon for this option. (Apple’s Image Capture icon would be a perfect mnemicon for me.)

Maybe after another week, i won’t need this, but i think it is a tiny change that would help the interface.

Best, Jason

I will say the same I always say when someone suggests a toolbar item: adding a toolbar item is pretty easy, but my icon-designing skills are not the best (I’m happy with the ones I’ve done, but they took me ages, and some of the better icons were created by others). It takes me too long in Photoshop to create a decent icon. So, if there is a user out there who is a bit of an icon whizz fancies knocking up a decent 32x32 snapshots icon, I’d happily add this to the toolbar (this isn’t a facetious answer, by the way - a number of the icons have ended up in the toolbar this way!).
All the best,

I too have difficulty remembering… mostly because I usually use “snapshot all” not just snapshot and that shortcut is to mash the left side of the keyboard. What about open source icons? Between the sound and the name of it I always assume that it’s a camera… and those are relatively easy icons to find.

Snapshot icons have been added as toolbar options for the next update.