How about replacing the forum?

I am wondering if you really considered replacing the forum with a new generation KB platform like,,,

All of the examples above are using a similar approach, one that is focused on gathering useful information and keeping it relevant, something that classic forums will be be able to achieve.

Forums and mailing list are very bad knowledge base, specially because the good information is buried by other not-so-good posts and also because finding what you are looking for is really hard.

Switching to something like this could also minimize administration efforts and motivate people to provide better responses.

Another side effect, is that it provides a good way of getting feedback regarding feature requests/wishlists - one that would prevent posts with just “+1”. Even if the decision of implementing a suggested feature is not decided by the number of people requesting them, this remains an important factor, for any product.

BTW, Are you aware that this forum is not indexed by google?

The forum isn’t indexed by Google because the Google robots caused a lot of slowdown in the past. As for replacing the forum, I don’t really like knowledge-base-driven forums. They feel very corporate and less personal. There’s a great community here and people can post and get their questions answered by knowledgable users and our handful of staff - my experience is that most users really like these forums and their informal nature. Of the alternatives you mention, after a quick glance,, and all look rather ugly solutions; looks interesting-ish, but still not great based on my experience of clicking through their own support area. The nice thing about regular forums is that anyone can answer questions and the community builds its own support network.

Thanks for the feedback though - I’m certainly open to such suggestions based on user demand or requirements.

All the best,

I LOVE YOU KEITH! OK… you already knew that. I HATE knowledge-base-driven forums. I like THIS forum just the way it is. Thank you for defending it!


P.S. If you want knowledge driven, just do a search on the manual. That’s what it’s for and Ioa did a great job on this one.

I like these forums too. They’re informal, friendly and helpful.
Sometimes they even stay on topic for more than three posts, but I still like them anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the forum too, but since the introduction of the Windoze beta, I no longer go to read the active posts, but instead head for the Board Index and Mac OS X. I can’t provide help to the Dozers and it’s dispiriting to see how many basic issues they have, like installation, backups, font problems, etc. I wish them all well, but the Mac crowd is grooving along with their projects and asking cool questions like Why Do I Write (well, maybe not that one), but they have opinions and personae and little quirks or quarks that make them fun partners in the glorious band of Scriveners. I keep hoping that the Win side will one day settle down and become just as fun, but so far they are (to me, at least) very dispiriting.

I think that’s only natural, it being a beta. The Windows users are going out of their way to report bugs, which is exactly what we need, and the Windows version is still in its infancy. As soon as the Windows version is more stable, solid and mature, Windows users, like the Mac users, should be able to get on and use it without running into the problems that are an inevitable part of betas, and once they aren’t spending valuable writing time reporting bugs (for which we are very grateful of course), hopefully they’ll procrastinate by joining in the frivolities elsewhere on the forums instead. :slight_smile:

Interesting fuel for thought; a blog piece on the differences between Mac and PC users:

Ha! Mac people like Moby Dick and The Road (several other posts q.v.)

The amount of off-topicking that goes on in these forums is abysmal, and indicative of shoddy/sloppy moderating. The forum’s gone to the dogs on a handcart! If I had my way, all off-topickers would be dealt with appropriately, i.e., … litgoddess
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P.S. Anyone see the Easter Bunny this year?

P.P.S. Oh oh! Poor sorin. You didn’t do your homework did you? Well…it’s too late now. Nothing left to say, 'cept welcome aboard Scrivener, a happier band of deviants, degenerates, miscreants, ne’er do’ells, dead beats and no-hopers, you’ll not find anywhere. But! Don’t despair, sorin, you’ll soon find a comfy niche somewhere, and settle in.
Have you had all your shots and inoculations? Best keep them topped up aboard Sciv.
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Aww, bless :smiley:

This is of course the adorable bunny that Cadbury has had locked up in their laboratories since 1982, being fed nothing but a diet of unidentifiable goop, tin foil, and yellow dye #12.

I think a little Marmite a day would do it.
Along with bangers & mash, of course. :mrgreen:


Haha, just kidding. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a “+1” post in these forums, so it’s not something you need to work to prevent. And, like most others here, I like the forums just the way they are.

P.S. Keith–

What’s with the new avatar? I hate it when people change their avatars and all I know is that it’s different; suddenly my mind has wiped clean the image of the old one that I’m sure I liked much better.

. . . what was I saying?


Sorry Druid. Will try harder.

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Hmm it reminds me of Kevin Spacey! Is it Keyser Söze?

PS This was a clue.

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by Fluff on Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:40 pm

Mr Lee,
When the going becomes arduous, a really worthwhile and cathartic diversion, is, druid baiting (he, being of the Mac persuasion).
Take care

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