How about that review in the NYT?

Enough said. :slight_smile: Congratulations, Keith!

Crikey. I knew an article in the NY Times was coming, but I didn’t expect Scrivener to get that much praise (poetical praise, too). That’s a fantastic article - and I have a big grin on my face right now!
Thanks for pointing it out.
All the best,

“Not only does Scrivener save like a maniac…”

I loved it! :slight_smile:

Well deserved praise too! And the best thing about it: The article is so well written that I read it all the way through even though I knew all she was talking about.

Congratulations! What a great way to begin the new Year!

This is going to drive up Mac sales too :wink:


I don’t think I can keep it a secret from my competitors anymore… :wink:

Yes, Keith, congratulations! First MacWorld, now this. Well-deserved indeed. I loved what Virginia Heffernan had to say, not just about Scrivener, but about the needs of writers. And I especially loved the clever Nabokov parody in her opening paragraph. To wit: “Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.”

and from a lowly writer… to another, who just adopted the MAC… you (and neo-office to track changes), and who needs word?


These raves are so well-deserved. Lots of people wanted and needed a better tool for writing, but no one else had the vision and determination to create such a great one. When so many people can adapt a program to fit their own needs, you know you’ve created something fine.

Congratulations many times over.


I dunno, Keith. Great, of course, that you and S are getting deserved accolades. It’s just that…

Shall we expect to see you on the Leno and Letterman shows? You’ll be asked to read “The Ten Best Reasons for Using Scrivener.” Invites to the White House. Someone will explain to the President what Scrivener is and does, and he’ll introduce you to Laura as an editor from Scribners, and then you’ll have to…

No, forget that. What will happen is that you’ll become the darling of the Manhattan literati, all of whose precocious twinkies will sign onto the forum and, like, start posting? I mean, rilly clevver items? And the rest of, in despair over the fate of a once vibrant language, will…

No, not that one either. Imagine a special one-time-only Nobel Prize, be awarded for “Most Distinguished Contribution to the Production of Literature on a Computer.” The award will include a grant somewhere in the range of 1.5 million euro, and in a fit of exuberance and gratitude, you will offer refunds to all of us.

Nah, keep it. You earned it.

Just stay away from late-night talk shows. And the White House, steer clear of that place too, at least until 2009.


All sounds good to me, PJS. Well, apart from the White House bit. But hanging around and being applauded in Manhattan? I like that idea. Last time I was in NY, I just got shouted at by cab drivers and completely failed to chat up a girl in the tunnel club (this was of course many years ago before I met the mother of my children). But I also ate the best pretzels in the world (damn it - the US is rubbish for getting decent cheese but the UK is rubbish at getting decent bread; you guys get tomato bread, rye bread, soda bread, pretzels, bagels that don’t taste like cardboard. If only we combined our powers for good - no, I don’t mean the ruddy war on terror, I mean the really good cheese of the UK combined with the really good bread of the US… Why can’t we make different kinds of bread here? Oh well). When I left I realised I had fallen in love with Central Park so much that I completely forgot to check out the carousel where Holden and Phoebe hung out (I love Holden and Phoebe, and anybody with the surname Glass). My only complaint is that the weekend I spent in NY was the same weekend Kurt Vonnegut was signing books back in DC, where I was staying for the month.



Sir, you have just declared war on the states of Vermont, Wisconsin, and Oregon, where cheese regularly wins international awards. But then you were only in New York, home of thin wine and rank cheese. Let me know where to send a wheel or two of the finest:

Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland We have excellent cheese Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland and beer Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland Portland and bread, too.

Well, if you want Pretzels, you have to visit Germany. We invented these things :slight_smile: But I have to admit that most countries can make quite decent Pretzels if they really try. When I was in London, 2 years ago, we tried some “British Pretzels” (they were advertised this way) - you can actually eat it :slight_smile:

Cheeses? In America? … I don’t suppose they won their international prizes the way American teams always win the World Series, did they?

And just to stir things up more, I don’t know where Keith buys his bread, but I think you can get great bread in Britain … I wish I could here! Lay off the Sainsbury’s Keith, it’s bad for you!



I’m with Keith and Mark on this one. Americans, even those rarified and blessed individuals known simply as Portlanders, haven’t got a clue when it comes to real cheeses, or do you spell that cheezes? :wink:

Come here in Paris, you’ll get some real cheeses (you know, the ones it is forbidden to sell outside of the country), and some real bread.

And the article looooved your desktop icon!

As I do.

Your comment would have more weight if I had been stuck on this continent my entire life. I’ve lived all over the world. Now if you want a truly scary place for cheese, try Russia; and granted, yes, vast chunks of the U.S.

I saw! Take that you icon naysayers!

Keith, the NYT article is fantastic, and well deserved. It’s amazing that while I was reading it, I felt part of the Scrivener community, and proud of it. Congratulations again.

The NYT article in mentioned on, one of the more enduring nerd discussion sites … hreshold=2

Scrivener is mentioned and there is a link to L&L in the front page summary.