How about the quality of replacement laptop batteries?

So what’s your conclusion based on this exploration?

I’m thinking about replacing my laptop battery of my very old 8-year-old Macbook. Any suggestions on the best brand I should use? I’m likely going to pay someone else to do it, but I just want to know something about what I’m paying for before I give it over.

Yose, unless there are issues with charge, leave it alone. Seriously. If it aint broke, don’t break it.

That said, it’s not hard to do. Go to, look up your model, buy kit. An average 5year old can get it done in about 5 minutes. Vic-k in about 20 (but there will be liquor and swearing involved once he sees how small those dang screws are).

If you’re looking at battery brands then your about to make a mistake. The big brand that you need to use are all the same. All the fringe brands are … risky. Buy from a reputable dealer, a standard replacement and be done with it.

And ALL my systems are as old or older than yours. No modern batts replaced yet (the exception is the old 2000 vintage MBP17 with the known expanding batt issue). It seems pretty hard to kill them. What are you doing that killed your batt?


Yosi, take no notice of Numpty, he’s only jealous.
The battery, on Ange’s emachine laptop, has flipped its clogs, so I bought one of these,
t’other day, off a bloke in the pub. Haven’t got round to fitting it yet. Guy said solder a head phone jack to some of this stuff ,plug it in and bingo!! The world’s y’ lobster. I’ll do it next week.

Yeah, I ain’t gonna try to do this myself. I tried to fix my Mac mini some years back I ended up damaging the temperature sensor. Now the fan runs non stop and cannot be turned off.

I’ll gladly pay someone else who knows what they are doing.

What j, is the brand everyone is using that you seem to reference but don’t say?

Yeah, this conversation clearly ain’t scrivener related; my only defence is that I’m changing my battery so I can write with scriv for longer parts of the day without recharging.