How best to set up Replacement for select parts a template document?


I using Scrivner (still using v. 2, alas…just because of the age of my Mac) to create and flesh out a template I often use for work. Also, I basically make several duplications of the main folder and text (documents) within them, depending on the number of groups / subgroups I’m submitting this form to.

There are certain blocks of text that I fill into my template as I go, and in the past I’ve just copied certain bracketed text description – elements that I need to fill-in – pasted appropriate text into the Find / Replace window as a way to find and fill in certain core sections of document.

But there’s probably a better, more efficient way of doing this and am curious what others would suggest. As far as I can tell, this would involve using Preset Replacements or Project Replacements – or some combination thereof.

I need to be careful about replacing certain text for the duplicate documents (which applies in most cases), and replacing other text per each document. Does that mean I ought to select the parent folder (and/or the child folders & documents) and select Project Replace->Scope->Selected documents only?

Also, I’m not clear on how to set up certainly saved text (I’ve listed examples below that I use) to use for making routine replacements, Here are the fill-ins I use for my template…

(1) Contact info – a block of text that includes a combination of a postal address, email, and phone/fax numbers. This is the only replacement text that that I need include in each separate document; everything else can be applied to universally to every document in my project except for the those in the main folder at the top of the document.

(2) Certain lists that I include when I reference particular organizations in my template document.

(3) Blocks of text where I’m creating a (typically) unique combination of words, formatted with bold type, which I’m replacing several times throughout the document.

That’s about it!

So, I’m wondering…

[b]How save text for cases (1) and (2) when using them as Replacement sets?

Should I use Preset Replacements or Project Replacements for my Replacement sets?

Or is there another, suggested approach for what I’m seeking?[/b]

I welcome any ideas you guys might have for suggested solutions…