How best to store bookmarked documents?

I work with several projects at a time, and I move files from one to the other. I’m finding problems with the bookmarked documents in these files.

For files in project A (let’s say) that do have documents bookmarked, when I move that file to project B, some of the bookmarked documents disappear. The documents that were in Project A’s binder do not travel, but the ones linked to documents on my computer or in Dropbox do.

In general, I’m discovering that bookmarked documents are really tricky:

—If I change the name of the document, for example, Scrivener can no longer find it.

—If I move a bookmarked document on my computer or in Dropbox into another location, the same thing.

In other words, a document in a Dropbox file that NEVER gets moved seems to be the only solution for me, especially since 1) I often move files between projects and 2) I will soon be moving into a new computer. (Unfortunately, I’ve just discovered this solution and have over a hundred documents to somehow relocate.)

If there is an easier, safer way to bookmark documents, I would love to know. Thanks!

A bookmark that points to a document in the same project is specific to that project. It will not work as an external reference. You can create an external link to a file in your Binder by right-clicking on it and choosing the Copy Document Link command.

A Scrivener bookmark that points to a file on your hard drive will be broken by anything that changes the “address” of the file. So either changing the name of the file or moving it will break the bookmark. Moving the Scrivener project that contains the bookmark should work fine.

If you have a collection of reference or other materials that needs to be accessible to more than one project, the safest way to store it would be either (a) in an external database, like a DevonThink database (this is what I do), or (b) in a separate Scrivener project that you’ve dedicated to these materials.