how can create hierarchical style with scrivener

Importing from word, my text have hiercarchical style, like html: Heading1, h2, sutitle, normal, and when I edit in scrivener, I dont know how to assign this style and not only bold, normal, italy. Thanks.

Scrivener doesn’t have dynamic styles the way Word does and doesn’t yet have a way to save formatting presets, so you won’t find an option quite like that. You can of course format the text in the editor as you like, increasing the font size and so on, and you can use the Copy/Paste Font command from the Format > Font menu to copy and paste that character formatting through your documents. To preserve that formatting when you compile, be sure to deselect “Override text and notes formatting” in the Formatting tab of File > Compile.

Alternatively, you can do this kind of formatting at compile time, applying different title formatting to different levels of documents in the binder. As a simple example, take a look at the Non-Fiction with Sub-Heads (Hierarchical) compile preset (from the Format As drop-down menu in compile). As you go through the different levels of documents, you’ll see that the font size for the title is reduced the deeper the document and that all below the first level include hierarchical numbering (the “1.2.3” is just a placeholder for this in the preview; it will be replaced by the numbering according to the document’s placement when compiled). You could make other changes as well by clicking the Modify button and then selecting the title and applying whatever formatting you like. If you ultimately want to apply dynamic styles to this in Word, you can create a formatting “hook” by applying unique formatting like text colour or unusual font, then use the “Select similar formatting” feature in Word to apply a particular style to all the matching text.