How can I add an inside margin to PDF compile?

I am compiling the PDF version of the book.

I need to add an inside margin (= the side where the book loses a little of the readable page to the gutter).

In the compiling setup, I see only “right margin” and “left margin”.
How can I add the inside margin? (= right margin to the left page and left margin to the right page)

This is only a guess I’m afraid - in Compile / Layout there is a check box that says “Do not add page padding to first document” whose default is unchecked.

I’ve not tried it, but my guess is that compiling automatically adds the kind of ‘page padding’ (inner) that you’re looking for?

In the Compile -> Page Settings pane, look at the Facing Pages tab.

(ScriverTid: Page padding refers to the extra white space at, for instance, the beginning of a chapter.)


Hi Katherine I am already using the Facing Page but I don’t see any extra field “Inside Margin”

My impression is that we do NOT need an “Inside Margin” because Scrivener move automatically the Left Margin to the right when Facing Pages are used.

Therefore we need to use for example:
Left: 0.75
Right: 0.5
Use facing pages: checked


Correct. And likewise for headers and footers: the recto and verso pages will have the same content, but with placement reversed.

Obviously you should run a test compile to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

Facing pages are only really relevant if you plan to create a physical book. So be sure to check your publisher’s mechanical spec sheet.


Understood - thanks.