How can I change the format of a style for the entire projec

Hi. How can I change the format of a style for the entire project?

For instance, let’s say that I want to change all my Headings from Times to Georgia. I change one Heading, then use the following command:

Format > Formatting > Redefine Preset from Selection > Heading

Unfortunately this is going to change only the FUTURE Headings. If I’ve already written 20 chapters, I have to click on every Heading, and use “Apply Formatting Preset > Heading” for 20 times.

In Microsoft Word, I just need to change the style and every Heading change accordingly. How can I do the same on Scrivener?

I’ve spent 2 hours on the forum and solved all my other questions, but not this one. Any help truly appreciated. Thanks!

I’m almost certain that I can’t update styles on Scriveners. If so, how can I change the presets of an H2 during the compiling?

My problem: I need to export my book to Kindle. I’ve “Preset>Heading” at the beginning of every chapter, and many “Preset > Heading 2” in the pages.

How can I compile everything with e.g. Heading 2 = Georgia 18. See if look nice. If not re-compile with e.g. Georgia 14?

Thanks in advance


The reason this feature is called “formatting presets” rather than “styles” is because it is not a true styles system - yet. It merely allows you to define formatting presets that you can “paint on” to existing text. Changing a preset has no effect on text to which it was previously applied, because all the feature does is apply a bunch of formatting to the text; the text to which it is applied has no concept of belonging to any particular style so there is no way for the app to find such text in the future.

Right now, the best way to do the sort of thing you are doing is to have the titles added and formatted during Compile rather than entering the titles into the text itself.

The next major (paid) upgrade will feature true styles, although that is some time away (not this year).

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