How can I change where .scriv files are saved?

I’ve searched around a bit for an answer to this and am either being extremely daft, or it hasn’t been asked before. Here’s the question:

I see that all of the .scriv files (projects) that I’ve created are saving in my Documents section of my Mac hard drive. I would like to create a special SCRIV folder in my Documents section and direct Scrivener to save all .scriv files to that particular folder, but can not seem to find any way to accomplish this.

If anyone can be of any assistance, it would be MOST appreciated.





Hi Lord Lightning -

Your suggestion does allow me to direct a text file I export to the new SCRIVENER FILES folder I created, but the overall project files are still saving themselves in the parent Documents area - it’s that function I’d like to change if at all possible.

I’ve also seen that I can successfully use File > Backup Project To… in order to “force” the project file into my new folder; I’m simply wondering if there’s a way to change the location where Scrivener send the project files when they are auto-saved an when one saves.

Thanks for your help. And, if anyone has any further light to shine it will be appreciated.



When you create a new project, you can press the Choose button to select a different location than the default one.


Hi Paolo,

Thanks much! That works perfectly, and it’s certainly very easy.

I appreciate your help.