How can I copy and paste entire folders?

Is there a quick way to copy and paste entire folders and their contents? The only way I can do this is by manually copying and pasting the text into a new folder and retyping the name.

You should be able to simply duplicate a group and then drag the copy wherever you want. Note there are two forms of duplication. Standard duplication sounds like it will do what you want. Simple duplication is for situations where you want to copy the container’s attributes but not all of its children. Make sure that the application focus is in the Binder. The duplication functions will not light up if your are in the index card or the text editor.

Thanks for the reply. The application focus is in the binder.Where should I look for the duplication options? I want to copy container and its attributes to the research binder, while keeping the original container in the draft binder.

Cmd-D. :slight_smile:

It’s also in the Documents menu.

Great thanks. Very impressed with this programme so far. Still on the trial but I think I’ll be buying a copy.

I see shift-cmd and the arrow key lets you move the container up and down but it seems to stop once it gets to the bottom of the Draft binder. Is there a key command to quickly move a container copy from Draft to Binder?

Sure, the arrows work intuitively. Up and down move it amongst siblings, left and right will move it out to a higher level of hierarchy. You don’t have to move it to either end of the list to do that. Simply select the document you wish to move up the social ladder, and use the Cmd-Ctrl-LeftArrow.

You can also use Ctrl-UpArrow and DownArrow to jump between visible folders in the Binder. This can save a lot of time in navigating around with the keyboard, as you can skip over dozens of documents at once, or jump straight from a document to its container folder.

I recommend taking a peek at the keyboard shortcut quick guide in the Tips and Tricks section. Scrivener is very keyboard friendly.

And, of course, sometimes the quickest thing is drag-and-drop – in spite of the fact that there are key commands for moving things around ad libitum in the Binder.