How can I copy information from one Scrivener file to anothe

I am writing a series novel. I have character descriptions, and research in the Book 2 file that I want to copy into a new novel format file called Book 3. Is it possible to somehow send the files I need to the new project or do I have to copy and paste the data from each one individually?

Various options exist, depending on the circumstances and what one wishes to do…

  • If just starting a new project, can make a copy of the existing project, then whittle the copy into desired shape, keeping portion wanted and deleting/emptying the rest. Can do the copy within Scrivener (open the first project and File > Save As it as a second project under a different name) or at the Windows file system level by using File Explorer to copy the entire original project folder and its contents.

  • If new project already exists and/or want to be more selective, open both projects (i.e. will have two instances of Scrivener running), arrange them side by side on the screen and can select, drag and drop binder items (folders or individual subordinate subfolders or documents) between the two. Selection of multiple items is supported.

  • Likewise, can select and copy/paste or drag-and-drop text from within the edit window of an individual document in one project into the edit window of an individual document in the other project.

  • Could export or compile portions of first project out of Scrivener to some other external format/location, then import that into second.

Make sure you have backups and you may want to experiment with small test projects before doing for real.

Thank you - this was very helpful. I used method #2 and got everything I needed.

Thank you. This is just what I was looking for. Now if only it would update as I change the entry one collection to others! :wink: Appreciate your help.

Just what I was looking for. :smiley:

Shame it appears to ‘only’ copy from one to the other rather than physically transfer.

(Unless I’m doing something ‘wrong’) :unamused:

Nope, there’s no way to make Scrivener move, rather than copy from one project to another. But dragging from one project to another shouldn’t affect the original project’s binder selection. You could just ALT-TAB back to the first project and send the selection to the trash (SHIFT-DEL), which shouldn’t be too much of a burden.

This is really helpful, thank you.