How Can I Create Page Breaks Without a TOC link

For Kindle export
I need to have page breaks inside the ebook to control formatting, but I do not want there to be a Table of Contents Link created. How can I suppress this? ANyone have a workaround solution?

You can always create your own table of contents rather than rely on the auto-generated one.

Thanks, I tried that but it isn;t working for some reason. The TOC I create is not being recognized. I have followed all the directions to do this and now I suspect there may be a bug???
Furthermore, do you know if I create a manual TOC, does this override any and all other TOCs that might be created by the kindle gen?

There are no known bugs related to this so I would need more details to help you. You should create a document using Scrivener links, formatted as you want the ToC to look, ensure this document is included in Compile and ensure that it’s name is given in the “Layout” pane.

Hi, I have followed all of the directions for creating a custom table of contents. But when I compile it to mobi the following is happening:

  1. Recognizes the Custom TOC Title and putting it at top of page
  2. Not recognizing any formatting
  3. New Chapter Links have been inserted (i.e. links that I deliberately left out of the custom TOC)

Any ideas? I have tried renaming the custom TOC but that is not working.