¿How can I delete a script configuration?

Hi. By using scriptwriting mode in Scrivener for Windows I have found a very frustrating problem (ok, maybe I’m making it sound worse than it is, but it is frustrating me more than it should): I’m unable to delete my own script configurations when I save them as “use with other proyects” (I’m not sure if I’m using the correct terms, because I use the program in spanish).
I’ve been looking inside the program folder and that didn’t help. And it is very annoying for me to have all those script formats in the list when I don’t want them anymore. What should I do? :cry:

Please, does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’ve been desperately trying to find a solution, and as perfectionist as I am you can not imagine how much this pisses me off. I know, first world problems, but I just want to erase all the script settings I no longer want to use! :cry:

I’m going to assume that you are talking about the templates that you can choose from when starting a new project. Templates that you created when you clicked File>Save As Template. Open a project and click File>Save As Template but do not actually save it. The popup box will show you where it is saving your custom templates. Follow that path using your computer’s file system, presumably Explorer.

On my system it’s C:/Users/MyName/AppData/Local/Scrivener/Scrivener/ProjectTemplates

You can delete them from the folder and they shouldn’t show up in the selection window for creating a new project. Only your custom templates are stored there, I don’t know where the templates are that ship with Scrivener.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m afraid I was not refering to the project templates. I will try following your guidelines, as they might be stored in the same folder, but what I was actually refering were script custom settings. When you choose a template you can then tweak how the different elements appear (margin, size, etc) and even add new elements to the menu. You can then save that custom configuration to select ir later from the script format menu, but they are not actually project templates and do not appear at the templae menu when you start the program, just in the script format pop-up list. :smiley:

Thank you so much. I have managed to solve the problem, even if i was not refering to templates, sript formats were in the folder just next to it. :mrgreen:

Hooray! :smiley:

That’s good to know, that the program treats similar issues in a similar way.