How can I delete or rename Scrivener's stock icons

I went to icon manager and didn’t see specific icons listed, not could I find them in application support folder. Here’s a screenshot of my Icon Manager:

That Manage Icons dialog is for managing your own custom binder icons – not for doing anything with the built-in icons Scrivener provides. When Section 7.4.2 of the manual talks about removing icons, it is talking about removing your own custom icons, not stock icons.

As far as I know, Scrivener does not provide a mechanism for messing with the built-in icons (for understandable reasons, I suppose). Though, I think if you use the grouping convention in naming your custom icons, you could contrive to get them all at the top of the listing – or just name them all starting with the letter ‘A’.


Thanks. I was actually just trying to reduce the clutter, particularly the names. For instance I use the menu search command to perform functions that I remember by like "Open all Subdocuments with Flat List; so I type in “flat” and I get that command along with Flat Screen icons in menu. It’s minor but I’d love to clean it up even by just renaming them.