How can I delete V2 safely without affecting V3?

Hi all,
I purchased the latest version and at the moment both v2 and v3 are showing in the “application” folder.

I only have 2 projects from v2 so it’s pretty simple and easy to import them into v3 and that’s it.

But now the question is, how can I safely delete v2? Dragging it to the trash bin doesn’t work…

Thanks a lot!

Dragging V2 to the trash bin should work fine, provided it isn’t running at the time. What symptoms are you seeing?


It simply bounced back to “applications”…

I just opened V2 and got a prompt asking me if I wanted to upgrade to V3 or not.

I downloaded the trial version of V3 yesterday and haven’t punched in my registration code yet. All I have done so far was imported two files which were V2 based and edited them.

What would you suggest?
1)copy the new content back to V2, delete V3 and upgrade from V2

2)punch in my registration code in V3 and just start using it? (but V2 just wouldn’t jump into the trash bin)

Thanks a lot!

Are you running a standard MacOS user account instead of an admin account? That would be the most obvious source of problems in deleting / installing apps.

You might also want to check if Scrivener has really quit.

Press CMD OPT ESC and take a look at Force Quit Applications. Is Scrivener running? If yes, force it to quit and try moving the program to the trash again.

This. It’s fine to have both versions installed, and in fact I’ve been encouraging people to do so while they get comfortable with Scrivener 3.