How can I disable syncing to an external folder?


I configured an external folder sync to see if I could get any milage with having my work on my iphone, but now I want to switch off the synchronisation, but I can’t find any reference to being able to do that, so I’m not sure if what I’ve done is permanent.

I deleted the local folder I was syncing to, and that’s cured the “Some files have changed” popup, but the settings are still there in the sync dialogue. Does that mean it’s still trying to check for changes on project load but can’t?

Is this right? Is there an easy way to see if the sync check is “on” or “off”? If it’s always “on” but only works when there’s a matching folder am I better off:

1 - Creating a dummy folder “YouWontCreateThisFolderAgainByAccident”
2 - Configure syncing to that
3 - Delete the folder

And therefore leave Scrivener trying to sync to a folder that doesn’t exist and will never exist again?

As long as the folder doesn’t exist, Scrivener isn’t doing anything with the sync. The file path doesn’t point anywhere, so it’s meaningless now. It only matters if you manually attempt to run the sync again, at which point Scrivener will pop up a message telling you to choose a new folder. So if you’ve already deleted the external folder, you’ve done all you need to do.

But yes, if you’ve left the auto-sync on it’s possible that in the future you might recreate the same folder name in the same location and start the sync again by accident. To really truly be rid of it, do as you propose–make a folder, open the sync and set the file path to that folder, deselect the option for autosync on close, run the sync to save changes, then delete the folder and you’re good. Until you manually force the sync, Scrivener won’t do anything again, even if you recreate the folder. (You’ll need to create a new folder for this since you’ve already deleted the original sync folder–the only way at present to save the changed option is to run the sync, so you’ll need a folder to sync to just for that. In the future, just deselect the option and run the sync before deleting the external folder.)