How can I export meta-data?


I’m writing a book. In Scivener I have put every chapter in its own folder, and sub-chapters in text. In total 12 chapters, each containing 7-10 sub-chapters.

In order to follow the progress of my writing of every sub-chapter I use a number of meta-data: Research OK, Things to-do, Date for planned first draft etc.

When I look at the binder it looks just the way I want to see things - spreadsheet-wise - showing title, synopsis, label and all the meta-data.

How can I export this? Either directly as shown or in some sort of list. The purpose is to do some project planning



You could use File > Export > Outliner Contents as CSV… This will export the contents of the outliner to a CSV (comma-separated values) file, which can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers. The outliner needs to be visible, as this feature just exports the contents of the outliner.

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Brilliant, thanks :slight_smile:

It works - but not without some editing:

Text in the synopsis box is placed in the same column as the name of the document.
And the export function does not like european characters such as æ. ø or ü

However it is not a big deal. I can certainly use it.


Another option, if a text list style is okay vs. the spreadsheet, would be to compile your draft using a modified version of the “Synopsis Outline”. Open File > Compile and from the Format As pop-up select “Synopsis Outline”, then in the options go to “Formatting” and check the boxes for “Meta-Data” (you can Opt-click on any box in that column and it will select them all). This will give you an indented outline of your manuscript using the title, synopsis, and meta-data of each document, although you’ll want to go through the formatting table and set the indent for the meta-data line (select each row in the formatting table and then in the text preview below, click in the meta-data line and use the ruler to adjust the indent to where you’d like it). You can compile this to print or to .rtf and open it in another word processor, etc.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here - there should be separate columns for the title and synopsis when opened in Excel.

Try choosing the “Western (Windows Latin 1)” encoding when exporting if you are trying to open it in Excel - Excel doesn’t like UTF8.

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