How Can I Get Scene Titles (in the Binder) to Appear in the Editor When In Scrivenings Mode?

I notice that if I have created a Scene (within a Folder) in the Binder, and give it a name/title there (in the Binder) this title will appear in the Inspector, but will not appear in the Editor when in Scrivenings mode.

Of course, I could type the title into the Editor, but I am hoping that there is a setting that I can change that allows the title to be displayed automatically in the Binder.

It is a little annoying that there is obviously a link to the Inspector, allowing the Scene title to be recognized as a Scene title within the Inspector, but that this would not be the case for the Editor.

I appreciate any replies, and/or suggestions.


View > Text Editing > Show Titles in Scrivenings

I cannot believe the answer is this simple – I feel really embarrassed and stupid now For not having found that!

Many thanks, AntoniDol.
UPDATE - Actually, I had already chosen that setting, but for some reason it was not working.

First off, there are a LOT of menu items, configuration options, and features that are not always obvious, so not knowing that one of them exists is hardly stupid.

Second, if you have an idea of what a menu item should be, you can type a keyword from it into the search field under the Help menu to find it; “Titles” would have shown you the menu item you were looking for. It’s a super-helpful feature in almost all Mac programs, and one that was created from scratch for the Windows version of Scrivener.

Finally, having that feature turned on but not working sounds like a glitch or a bug. Have you tried turning off that feature, and then turning it on again? Restarting Scrivener and/or your whole computer? What version of Scrivener are you using (and what Operating System)? If nothing else works, I’d try uninstalling Scrivener and then re-installing it from a fresh download.

Hi Rdale,
Many thanks for your message, and kind words, and help.

I am feeling stupid partly because I have actually used that keyword feature in the Help menu many times (as recently as about a week before I posted my message), and also because I use Scrivener quite a bit - so I feel I should have known to try this.

Old(er) age has certainly resulted in some worrying and regular short-term memory loss for me with things like this.

I agree that the ‘Show Titles in Scrivenings’ not working for me is probably a bug.

I have found this kind of thing happening on three or four other occasions with features that I toggle ‘on’ - i.e., when I first change the setting, the new setting does not work.

Sometimes, if I close Scrivener, and then re-open it, the new setting works, but, even though I tried that to make ‘Show Titles in Scrivenings’ work, it did not do the trick, and I cannot see any reason for it starting to work when it did.

If this happens again, I will adopt your suggestion of re-booting the computer.

I suppose I have accepted that a changed setting will not always immediately work in Scrivener, but that they will work in short order.

I have never had to uninstall and re-install Scrivener, and if I found I had to do that regularly with any program, I would stop using that program, but thanks for the suggestion.

My OS is Windows 10, and I am using Scrivener 3 (Windows).

Thanks again for your help.