How can I get Scrivener to stop printing in-line comments?

I must be missing something obvious. I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t figure out how to make my comments invisible when printing.

Hi, tomclynes! You may want to try the Compile|Footnotes/Comments settings panel, which will allow to enable/disable footnotes, inspector comments and inline annotations.

Hope this helps!

Page 405 (24.21) of the Scrivener User’s Manual. Footnote Options, Remove Footnotes.

Also, if you are just trying to print out single documents for proofing, rather than the whole manuscript (where Compile will be superior), then you can set up print settings in the File/Page Settings... menu command. Just switch the settings mode to “Scrivener”, click the Options button, and change what you will in the “Text Documents” tab. You’ll find independent options for removing annotations and linked comments.

Amber, thanks! This is the info I was looking for – simply how to print without comments appearing on the printed page.

r6d2 and Ahab, thank you for your attempts as well, but I wasn’t seeking to completely remove footnotes, or compile.
All the best,