How can I get the cursor into the editor (with a shortcut) without using the mouse?

How can I get the cursor into the editor (with a shortcut) without using the mouse (after having created a new item in the Binder)?

And how can I create a sub item (document) of the selected document by using a shortcut?

For the first, Ctrl-Tab cycles between editor(s) and binder.

For the second, there isn’t a direct shortcut for that, but you can indent items with Ctrl-RightArrow (and the other arrow directions all work as you would image them to).

Yes, switching between Binder items and editor works now.

Yes, I use the arrow shortcuts, but it is a bit inconvenient (instead of just create the sub item).

I take your point on this. There are times when I would definitely prefer a one-step process. I believe the idea is that when a new item is created, Scrivener makes no assumptions about its relationship to other items (except that it gets created at the same level as the item you were just viewing), and lets you decide that separately. There’s a logic to that, but it does make a bit more work. When I know I’m going to create several subitems, I generally create them all at once, select them all, and move them all with Ctrl+RightArrow; then I can fill in their contents as I work.

Yes, that is a good procedure. But since I usually do not know how many new items I needed, I would have to repeat the procedure and / or delete items created not used at the end. And the work flow - just create an item when and where you need it and add the text - would be much more convenient, I guess.

Yes, may be just a shortcut / another key would make it.

Many thanks

The other option is to make all of the sub-steps accessible via keyboard shortcuts, then use a separate macro program to record them into a macro and use the macro as your new item creation.

Thank you.

What are the sub-steps?

You can recommend such a macro program? I had tried some a long time ago but could never get to work one properly somehow.

I don’t know what the sub-steps are – they’d be specific to the specific tasks you perform to create a new item that is configured how you want it.

And no, I don’t use macro programs. Search the forums here; others have talked about them and which ones they like on Mac and Windows.

OK, thank you very much