How can I hide everything except the Binder?

How can I hide everything except the Binder?

The reason: I need to copy and paste selected items from the Binder into TextEdit. Scrivener’s Editor covers over the TextEdit document. I’m currently forced to hide Scrivener to get at TextEdit, then click on Scrivener again to take it out of hiding, hide-reveal, hide-reveal, hide-reveal. Very labour intensive!


Why not just drag the Scrivener window part-way off screen, to the right, and put your Text Edit window far enough to the left so that it’s not obstructed by Scrivener?

Curious…left handed?

The OP should also be able to resize the apps so they share the screen, or just use CMD+TAB to switch between apps.

Exposé (Mission Control, more recently) was designed to help overcome this problem by making it possible to shrink all of the working windows down visually and then snapping them back to full-size when you are done. Most modern Macs even have a special key for this on the keyboard, I can start dragging stuff from Scrivener, hit this key and hold it down, drag over to the other window, let go of the key and drop the data where I need it. Cmd-Tab then gets me back to the original window.

If you find yourself dragging between programmes quite a bit, as I do, then Yoink is very handy (and inexpensive): … re%21.html

No, but the binder is on the left, so it makes sense to drag from near the left edge of one window (Scrivener) into a window further left (Text Edit).

CMD-tabbing is okay if you only have to drag once or twice, but needing a solution where only the binder is visible tells me that there’s a lot of piece-meal dragging and dropping going on between Scrivener and Text Edit, thus my suggestion to just shove it off to the right.

I am curious myself though; why dragging stuff into Text Edit? Why not compile a Scrivener collection?