How can I import a Pages file?

Hi – I’m doing this for the first time, and I may doing it wrong(ly), so I’d like to describe what I’ve done to this point to see if there’s a more efficient method before I get too far along.
First, I exported my Pages file as plain text, and it showed up, the whole 200+ pages, indented at the Chapter level.
I am using the Manuscript with Parts format, so into the index card found by clicking on Manuscript, I copied in the name of the first part, Anticipation, in the synopsis section of the card, under the Part title.
Then I moved down to the first Part icon and copied the title of my first chapter, April Fools, into its index card, not putting a number after the word Chapter, because if I understand correctly, compiling will take care of that automatically later on.
Then I moved down to the first Chapter icon and pasted, into the Scene index card, a synopsis of the first scene.
And finally, I clicked on the Scene icon, was presented with a full screen, and pasted the entire scene into it.
At that point, I moved back up to the Chapter icon and pressed the plus sign to add a new scene icon, and I got a blank index card. I typed Scene in the title area of the index card, and a brief description of the scene in the Synopsis area.
Then I clicked on the blank Scene icon, got the composition area, and pasted the second scene into it.

 So far, so good? I could do this all day, unless there's a better way. I'm really looking forward to when it's all pasted in and I can begin re-ordering scenes and chapters, and watching the chapter numbers and scenes adapt in the compilation.



You might be happier saving to Word format from Pages, and then importing that. That will preserve more formatting than Plain Text.

You might also find the following useful:

File -> Import -> Import and Split: splits the imported document into individual files based on the delimiter you specify.

Documents -> Split -> With Selection as Title: As the name implies, splits a document in two at the selected text, and makes the selected text the title of the new piece.

Documents -> Autofill: Includes commands to set the title of a document from selected text, or to auto-fill the synopsis from existing text.


Many thanks, Katherine. I have successfully loaded the whole novel into Scrivener, and organized it into six Parts, a few (token, at the moment) Chapters, and lots and lots of Scenes, which I’ve already started re-arranging. Such a great program.

I even played with an unobtrusive footnote (see image below, I hope).



PS – I couldn’t help notice this small glitch in the Sample Output/Manuscript Format, page 1 has Forename/Title/1 at the top right; I think they meant Surname.

Oops, you’re entirely right. I’ve fixed that for 3.0.3. (The fix won’t affect existing projects but only new projects created from the “Novel (with Parts)” template.) Thanks!

anything new on this topic? Are we STILL not able to import from Pages directly?

Believe the issue is with Apple.

RuffPub is correct. Apple has not published the Pages format, and therefore there are no third-party converters for it.