How can I make <$pageGroupTitle> all caps?

How can I make <$pageGroupTitle> all caps in Page Settings? I tried making the binder all caps, but that doesn’t work with my design.

You could set the title to be compiled differently. (Without using a placeholder.)

Double click your compile format (left side of compile panel).
Section layouts / Title options
Tweak this for the proper layout (or each of them, if needed) if you have more than one.

I just better understood your question, and perhaps (or probably) my answer is not one that will satisfy you.

For the title of your document to be ALL CAPS at the top of your pages, I think the only way to go is to have the title be ALL CAPS in the binder.

[NO GO] Or try [Ucase]<$pageGroupTitle>[/Ucase]
Who knows… if you are lucky, it might work.

[NO GO] If that is a problem :
Have your title in ALL CAPS in a custom metadata. And use the proper custom metadata in page settings instead.
Then you can have your title be Normal where you want it to be, and NORMAL at the top of your pages.


That does it
(Have the placeholder be all caps. – Simple as that.)

I took for granted that it didn’t work like that because @drmajorbob had suggested that earlier in an other thread and the user turned out to reply that it didn’t work. But, has it turns out, the user was you… why two of the same thread ?
Anyways, seems like @drmajorbob was right in the end. (You must have done it wrong or something.)


Output :

And it doesn’t disturb whatever comes after :

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Thank you, I will try again, I didn’t work for me, but then I am brand new to the forum and the software.

I thought it might not work, but I didn’t test it. I know, at one point during the Windows 3 beta, that you had to be careful about capitalization of placeholders or they wouldn’t work.

Well, that is now clarified : it works :slight_smile:

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Did you capitalize all of it, as in <$PAGEGROUPTITLE> ?


This placeholder has been broken in the Windows version for a long time, by the way.

Two things of note to the general thread though:

  • The suggestion is correct: <$PLACEHOLDER> will usually capitalise the result (maybe always; haven’t tested that).
  • As the documentation states in the Headers and Footers section of the placeholder list: “… In addition to the special header and footer placeholders specified below (which can only be used in headers and footers)…”