How can I make the Binder text area bigger? Outliner?

I would like to make the text files in the binder be able to contain more text. For example, instead of just typing a short line of description, I would like to type more information. Is it possible not to be limited that way? Basically a much wider icon and typing area, on multiple lines if needed.

If it’s not possible, is it possible to have the Outliner have a dedicated button, and function like the binder? That would be a solution I’m interested in. Mainly, I like to write in the main window, but just like it’s convenient to click the Binder icon on the toolbar, and click again to make it go away on the left, I would like the Outliner to behave the same way. Possible? Impossible?

I don’t think it is possible to have multi-line text in the Binder, and in fact that would cause problems with other areas of use wouldn’t it? (i.e. chapter titles for compilations).

If you want to see the Outliner at the same time as the text, have you investigated the Split Screen feature? If you design a suitable layout (e.g. outliner to the side / underneath the editor), you can save this using Windows > Layouts > Manage Layouts and assign a shortcut key to your new layout for easy access. As you can make the Synopsis appear in the Outline, this should also help you to see your short descriptive notes as well.

I am pretty sure that the Synopsis area was invented to serve the impulse you are having. Synopses can be multi-line, can be shown in the Outliner, and appear as pop-up text when you hover in the Binder. (Also available in the Inspector, of course.)

Are we getting close?

Thank you. These solutions will do, but I would like a dedicated button to mimic what we have in the Binder. Feature request! :slight_smile:

The button is already right there in the footer bar - click on the two arrows icon beneath the outliner so that it turns blue will cause anything selected in the outliner to be opened in the other editor.

I am now convinced that Scrivener works by divine intervention!