How can I make the font for my entire document the same?

Currently it’s Courier new but I’d like to change it all to Georgia. I’m in the top level screen and tried ctrl+a but it only selects one doument page. I’ve tried going into editor and clicking on the A and it doesn’t change the appearance of the current text. I’ve tried selecting multiple pages and changing font but again it doesn’t change it. Please help! I’ve tried searching but nothing is coming up.

Hello Nichelan,
To set a default font for an entire document got to Options/ Editor/ and in the top right hand box is a graphical representation of a format screen with text. This is titled Default main text attributes. Click on the blue A to set your default font, font size ect.
Next click anywhere in the binder area to make the area active. Go to Editor on top menu and Select all. This should select everything in your binder. Now go to Documents/Convert/ Formatting to default text style. A box pops up. Select what you need i.e. just fonts and then okay it.
This should change all of your text in all documents at once and takes seconds.
Whatever docs you don’t want changing, just de-select them beforehand.
Good luck.
If you were on about changing fonts for compile see the earlier post ‘Not sure if tutorial bug or user error’

That’s great, thank you!

I’m on a Mac and the editor looks different for me. I can’t see how to change the font globally

This is the Windows section of the forum. You may get more relevant advice in the Mac section: viewforum.php?f=28

Good luck,

Same process as above, but it’s in Scrivener > Preferences > Editing or is it Editor (I haven’t looked for years!) that you set the default text format.



Thank you both, I’ve posted in the Mac section as the preferences have changed

It’s Scrivener > Preferences > Editing > Formatting (the second pane found at the top.

This didn’t work for me. The “Documents > Convert > Formatting to default text style” is greyed out!

I’m at uni doing an MA in Creative Writing, so when handing in I have to copy and paste into Word, I often have to make changes in Word at uni, then copy and past it back into Scrivener and the formatting just goes haywire. Font sizing and formatting just get screwed up. It’s so frustrating having to change the chapters in a 40k word manuscript one by one.

If you have any time to do it, I really suggest you learn how to use compile then. So long as there aren’t a bunch of extraneous characters (tabs, for instance), compiling allows you to normalize all of your text to one set of fonts and indents, etc, even if in your project, the text is varied in fonts and font sizes.

But for the immediate circumstance you’re facing, you have to select the documents in the binder that you want to fix before that menu option works. It only operates on the selected documents, and not the rest of your project.