How can I make uploaded manuscr. look like individual pages

I just downloaded Scrivener and uploaded my manuscript. It is just one long page and I’d like to see it broken into individual pages as I work. How do I do that. I went through all the tutorials. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Dennis.


Page view is not yet available in Windows…


Briar Kit

Thanks Briar. Other than that, it looks good.

Just to follow up, one basic thing to know about Scrivener is that it is oriented toward organizing and writing, not toward page formatting. This can alleviate some frustration arising from expecting features that are not part of its design. Scrivener’s orientation lets you focus on gathering and organizing research material and then organizing and writing your text, while letting the final format come later.

If your imported MS is a long one, you might find it useful to break it up into shorter pieces. You can do this by navigating to the first point where you want to make a break, then pressing Ctrl+K, which will create a new document beginning at the cursor position. If you want to give each separate piece a title automatically, you can do so by selecting some text for a title (or typing in a title at the break-point and selecting it), then pressing Ctrl+Shift+K. This splits the document into two documents using the selected text as the title for the newly created document.