How can I migrate my project from High Sierra to Windows 10?

I am attempting to recover a dead MacBook to a new Windows system using a clone of the Mac hard drive mounted on Windows using HPFS+. I copied the .xx.scriv file over to Windows 10 where it mapped to a folder also named xx.scriv . In that folder I found a corresponding xx.scrivx file which I attempted to open but was told" The project you are trying to open or save was created by a newer version of Scrivener." The version of Scrivener on the Mac was3.0.2 vs on Windows. I see there is a newer version 3.0.3 available for Mac but the Windows version seems to be the latest. What do I get my project running on PC? thx

If you do have access to a Mac, then you would need to use the File ▸ Export ▸ as Scrivener 2 Project… menu command (the v2 format is compatible with the current stable version on Windows). Maybe you know someone with a Mac you can borrow for a half hour—all you’d need is the demo version of Scrivener 3 running to do this.

It is otherwise going to be difficult to retro-grade the project. One alternative is to download the 3.0 beta for Windows. While that currently lacks the aforementioned conversion command, you could at least get the project open, and export using File ▸ Export ▸ Files…. That’s not the best option however as you’d lose all of the metadata and organisation in the project. If you have no other options, and you’re willing to provide us with the project file, you could send it in to tech support, and we can try to convert it to v2 format for you.

If you have other files with a similar conversion issue and don’t have access to a Mac, you could rent a month of the MacInCloud service:

Dunno if it would work, but you could ask them before renting access.