How can I paste the format in Scapple?


Is there a way to paste the format of once text box onto another?


create a note and set font size, style, text alignment and give name. Once saved by clicking note then format dropdown and checking boxes to save font and style. then if click another note after choosing that note format in the inspector, the note you choose will take on all properties including font and style and size of your chosen note so notes can have similar styles

For a quick copy and paste of one note’s styling to another, select the first note, Format ▸ Note Style ▸ Copy Note Style and then select the target note and ▸ Paste Note Style (Win+Alt+Shift+C and Win+Alt+Shift+V on Windows; ⌥⌘C and ⌥⌘V on macOS). If the styling is something you’d want to be using frequently, you may want to select the note and use Format ▸ Note Style ▸ New Note Style From Selection... to save the style, as suggested above, so that you can easily apply it to new notes directly from the menu or inspector. (You can also drag the styled note to the “Default” row in the Note Styles area of the inspector to create the new style, rather than creating it via the menu.)