(How) Can I recover PDF's lost in the upgrade?

Upgrading to S3, all my imported PDF’s only show the first page.
Many of these docs were 100+ pages, which means I’ve lost over 90% of it all.

Is there any way of recovering the lost material?

UPDATE: I have just noticed that this seems to be “normal” behaviour in S3: when I now drag a PDF into the binder, it only shows the first page?!?

This means that I can no longer do the work I used Scrivener for the most. I need to roll back. How?

Thanks for looking into this,


Right click the PDF in the Binder and choose Open > in External Editor.

Or right click the PDF in the Editor and try a different view setting.

Thank you for your response, but neither options are available.

  1. No, it is not normal behavior in S3 to only be able to see the first page of an imported pdf (stored inside your scriv project). You might initially see just the first page if your pdf display settings are set to Single Page.

  2. What happens when you control-click on the pdf page you are seeing? You should get a contextual menu with pdf display settings. Single-page Continuous is probably what you are used to.

  3. Also, when you have a pdf loaded into the editir pane, a small document icon appears on the left side of the footer of the pane and which features page fwd and back bottons. What happens when you page forward?

No doubt someone will be by soon who has more insight, but in the meantime.