How can I see a page number in entire manuscript?

In a class I took recently, the instructor asked us to document notes by page number in the manuscript. I investigated using Scrivenings (love it!), but it shows word count, not page number. Another student recommended using Editor Layout with Scrivenings, but she had the Mac version, and her suggestion didn’t work for me. Is there a way I can see the current page number without compiling the whole manuscript? What am I missing?

Thanks for any help.

Compiling will take a minute or two. Page count depends on output format. Cannot actually calculate in program . Compile with work then divide word count by output pages and get rough words per page so can estimate pages by word count. Compile doesn’t change project and is quick.


Shows this at the bottom of the editor:


Note that unless you do your final compile as-is, this page numbering may or may not be accurate, as the compile process would make the pages’ content different (a lot, or just a little) relative to your compile settings.

(The page numbering is per document, not for the whole draft, unless you make it a single document. – Not a great idea. I don’t recommend it.)

Thanks, both. I prefer not to compile constantly if I can help it. Vincent, I have those same settings, and I can see the page count for chapters and scenes, but not for the whole manuscript. My Mac colleague says she can select the Manuscript in the binder, and see page counts for the entire Scrivenings, but not on mine.
I even tried to add the page number code to the page footer, but I don’t seem to be able to edit it. I know Word inside out, and I may be trying to apply Word methods to Scrivener, unsuccessfully.

The current Windows version is unable to see – and treat – a scrivening as a single document.
It is more of a collage, without any cross document boundaries functionalities. (None or close to none.)
The Mac version does, and so it opens up the door to more functions, such as this one.

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This said, I think it might be doable using placeholders that get replaced with the proper page number at compile. (?)
(You can see a complete list of all the available placeholders from the help menu.)

If not, where you want those numbers, do it yourself for the time being using a custom tag. Put it at both end, and once you’ve compiled your final, search and replace them accordingly in Word ?

I have already made available pre-formatted tags (though for a different purpose) that perhaps you could in this case use.
They’re here :

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Thanks so much, Vincent. That explains so much. I’ll tell my colleague with the Mac.