How can I see scrivening title in composition mode?

I am working on a PC and there is no “text editing” under the view tab. Where is the text editing option on a PC?

In version 1.x of Scrivener for Windows, it’s probably the menu Format -> Options -> Show titles in Scrivenings. I had to find that via a google search since I haven’t run that version for quite a while, so hopefully that’s accurate.

Unfortunately scrivenings titles never made it into 1.x. The only way to reference where you are in Composition mode is to briefly open the inspector, and read the title from the “index card”.

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Is this going to be added back in a future Windows version? My manuscript doesn’t make any sense to read without chapter headings.

it’s already in the beta. There’s set of options controlling the appearance in Options:


And then there is a view-time toggle to display them:

You can access Composition Mode by going to Main Menu > View > Enter Composition Mode or you can click on the Compose icon in your Tool Bar. The text you will see is what you have selected in the Binder.