How can I select and copy all inline annotations to new scrivener doc?

I want to be able to select and copy all inline annotations and paste them into a new scrivener document. I have tried the find inline annotations feature, but it doesn’t all for selecting them all, just one at a time.

This is the method I use. Maybe it’ll meet your needs or spawn other ideas.

I export them at: File menu > Export > Comments & Annotations…*

After performing the above, a window will appear with options that include at the bottom whether to export just a selection** of documents, whether to include titles and whether to generate a link back to the originating Scrivener sections. As needed, I edit the exported .rtf in TextEdit. (Side note–whatever the reason, the export process always skews the line spacing for me. Easy enough to fix.)

You could just copy and paste the results but to take advantage of the link back to option, after editing, I import the file into a Scrivener project at: File > Import > Files… Also, if the link back to option has been chosen, the link in the .rtf export can be used to open Scrivener to the linked document.

*As far as I know, you can’t isolate this export to annotations; you can edit post export.

**Selection as made before triggering––File menu > Export > Comments & Annotations…