How can I straighten quotes throughout a whole project?

I have a project containing many documents distributed among several directories. I would like to straighten all the quotes throughout. I tried selecting all and choosing “Edit scivenings” but the straighten quotes option was grayed out. When I did the above and selected all the text in the editor, straighten quotes was available but choosing it had no effect – quotes remained typographer’s quotes.

Anyway, what is the way to do that?




I’m afraid the only way to do this is document-by-document at the moment. Edit Scrivenings doesn’t allow you to edit across documents, and the way that quote-straightening works is by editing all of the text at once, meaning it doesn’t work when more than one scrivening is selected inside E.S.

Of course, as you want to straighten quotes, you could also use Project Replace simply to replace all curly quotes with smart quotes.

Also bear in mind that Compile Draft allows you to straighten quotes for printing or export, so you could just leave it for the export/print stage if that’s viable too.

All the best,

OK, thanks.