How can I tell what time/date is for individual documents ...

So within an individual Folder I have six documents. How can I tell which of them I most recently wrote inside?


Highlight the folder in the binder, then View > Outline (or cmd-3).

You’ll see the documents listed as in a spreadsheet with the headings of the columns along the top (“Title”, “Label” etc). The columns are configurable, so you can add ‘Created’ and/or ‘Modified’.

You should see a small drop down box (down pointing arrow) on the right hand of the headings row. Click on this and you’ll see all the columns you can add to the outline.

Tick the ‘Modified’ column and it should appear in the outline, then click on the heading to sort it (it changes between Ascending and Descending). You can drag the columns around to change their order if that helps.

Actually, I’ve just noticed that the date format is a bit long ‘1 August 2016 at 11:21’ and it’s sorted by text, not by date, so it’s not perfect, but at least you’ll be able to see all the dates at once…