How can I work on two monitors

It’s been years since my last use of Scrivener. I can’t find the way to open a second monitor

There isn’t a way to break apart parts of the interface, but there are a couple of options for using multiple monitors outside of running multiple projects.

The first option is to use Composition Mode for your active writing. If you go to Scrivener → Preferences → Behaviors → Composition Mode, you will find multi-monitor options in there. A few basic ingredients:

  1. Set composition mode to use the monitor you want to do your main writing on.
  2. Disable the Hide main window in composition mode option.
  3. Make sure Open composition mode in its own Space is disabled along with Blank out other screens (they are by default).

Now you can do all of the organization and research management stuff on one screen, and have a pure writing-focused interface on the main screen.

The other option would be to use Quick Reference windows and drag those to the displays where you’d like them. You can open Quick Reference windows by going to Navigate → Open Quick Reference.

I hope this helps!


Thanks a lot Jen for such a fast and detailed response!

I have 3 monitors and have multiple QRP ‘s open and bounce between character cards and story info or even snapshots and main program window. I often have 2-3 scrivener projects open at once as well

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Looks like you make the most of it. :smile: It’s a good idea though because I often joggle between projects myself.