How can one change the default step width of tabs?

How can one change the default step width of tabs?

Tab stops are a component of formatting, so they are set up in the same place you would change the default font, indent, line-spacing and other such things. Instructions for doing so start in the third paragraph of this article.

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Now I see, you have to click into the written area not outside of it / below (blank space) to make Scrivener letting one add the tab stops.

And you have to add every single tab stop manually. So there is no field (like “Ruler snap every”) you could enter a value for the width of each tab stop.

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Uhhmmm no


Thank you I needed that!

I was in the defaults and I do not see anyway to adjust the “tab”
When I hit the “tab” it goes 20 spaces.

Can this be done?

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De nada! :wink:

The little indicators on the ruler itself are the tab stops, which can be dragged around to set their position. If you don’t see any of these markers, right-click in the ruler to add some.

Did not do a thing - Perhaps this will only work on new projects.

Watched a lot of videos on Scrivener before I got going.
Could not find anything decent with formatting.
Any idea where I could find a few?

Thank you for your time

You’re close, but it’s not new projects, rather new text items in the binder. If you press Ctrl+N after setting up the ruler, it should take effect in that new file.

As noted in the section at the end of that article I linked to above, there is a way to tell the software to go back and update existing text to the new defaults, too.

I am as dense as it gets.

I am trying to format the previous work.

I am just not getting how to select the documents in the binder, and have it format the indents properly throughout the document.

It might be a good idea to watch a basic computing tutorial. Using Ctrl and Shift while clicking on things, to select items in a list, is a basic skill that will benefit nearly every program you use, and not at all unique to Scrivener.