How can one remove single / selected items form the "Trash"?

How can one remove a single / selected items, folders, documents form the “Trash”?

Have you tried dragging it from the Trash to another place in the Binder?

Many thanks, brookter,

No, I have not, sorry, what for?

If by “removing them from the trash”, you mean “removing them entirely from the project”, then on the Mac you just highlight them and hit Cmd-delete; I guess on Windows the equivalent is Ctrl-delete … it’s whatever key combination you use to put a file in the trash in the first place.


Thank you Mark,

Yes, removing them entirely or else.

None trashed items in the Binder can be removed (means moved to the trash) by pressing the “DEL” key, but trashed items cannot. And I cannot find a shortcut / key (or menu item or something else) doing it for trashed items.

Because when you wrote, ‘how can I remove them from the trash’ I thought you meant ‘how can I restore them FROM the Trash TO the Binder?’, not delete them completely from Scrivener!

I can’t find a keyboard shortcut or command to delete files individually from the Trash in the Windows version either.

Ah yes, sorry for misleading.

Alright, many thanks for trying.

I meant you select the items in trash that you want to remove completely, and then use Ctrl-Delete, or whatever the key combination is on Windows. You should get an alert saying “Are you sure you want to do this? It is not undoable!” or words to that effect.


Yes, yes, that is the way I would do it as well, but I cannot find a shortcut / key doing it.

Yes, such a message appears when you click “Empty Trash…” in the context menu.

Many thanks again

Actually, you’re quite right; just been testing again rather than relying on memory, and it can’t be done … it’s “Empty Trash” only, even on the Mac. I must have been thinking of another application which does allow you to delete individual files from its internal trash.

Perhaps a “Wish List” item?


A workaround would be to move everything to another Research folder, except the things you want to get rid of, empty the trash and then move everything back.

Thank you for trying, Mark. Yes, yes, a wish, too late for Christmas.

Yes, that is a good idea, lunk, thank you.