How Can You Change Compile to Word Header Text

Apologies for this redundant question, but I can’t find an answer for Scrivener 3:

When compile exports a MS Word, Manuscript, how does one change the header text? It appears to be:
( my name/old title/page number) and I’d like to update the title.

Thanks in advance,

The simplest way to edit the metadata provided for the header is by clicking on Compile’s metadata tab and changing the relevant information (see 1 in the image).

If you want deeper changes, right click the compile format you are using and choose Duplicate & Edit or just Edit (depending on whether you are using a global Scrivener Format or a personal Project Format) and then select Page Settings > Header & Footer Text in the new window (see 2 in the image).

Scrivener manual: 24.20.5 Header and Footer Options

Success!! Thanks very much.

I looked for that initially, based on prior posts, but I must have clicked on the wrong thing.