How can you export multiple files?

I have recently finished a novel I was working on, entitled Hopeless Love. The story has 38 chapters.

While I know how to export an individual chapter - Is there a way I can export all 38 chapters in RTF format all at once?

To clarify - I would like to see each chapter - 38 RTF files - on my hard drive.

Absolutely, though exporting does not run the files through the compiler engine, so you will be getting exactly what you see in the text editor. Simply select the 38 files you wish to export, and use the File/Export/Files… menu command. You’ll be provided with a number of export options and available formats in the dialogue box.

It should be noted this method will export everything you select in the Binder, so it’s a handy way to back up your research files out of Scrivener, too.

Thanks for your reply.

In following your recommendations - I opened Scrivener - Selected Chapters 6 - 10 - the Selected FILE/Export.

The only options available were:

  1. It had me select what directory I wanted the file (not, not files) saved.
  2. It wanted to chose a filename or using the file name it chose. NOTE: There was no option for multiple files.
  3. It had me select what format I wanted - ie RTF

I did not see any option for exporting multiple files.

Thanks again for your help. In doing some additional testing, I accidentally discovered that instead of typing in an individual file name - if you insert something else - ie the word test - “test” becomes a directory where the multiple files are saved.

Perhaps, I am mistaken - but I do not recall anything that specifically explains this.

May I recommend that within the File/Export box, that beside the words SAVE AS - that something explains to either type in either an individual file name - OR - type in a directory name, if multiple files are being exported.

Thanks for leading me in the right direction. :smiley:

You’re welcome! As far as how it works, this is explained in the user manual:

I’ll mark down your feedback for the Windows UI review list though.