How/Can you save a chapter at a time?

Tried to save a chapter from Scrivener to my Word folder but made a mess of it. Save as options gave me scrivener saves. Compile gave me Part One of my novel rather than the single chapter I was trying to save to Word. Is it possible to save one chapter at a time as a Word doc, and if so, how?


In File > Compile, make sure that only the item(s) you want to output are selected. You can do this an item at a time, or first use alt-click on the “Include” checkboxes to uncheck/empty them all and then click on only those you wish to select.

I’m seeing how to unclick them one at a time but the alt-click to Include/Not-Include-All is escaping me. I’ve tried Right Alt clicking and Left Alt Clicking, and it only seems to work on the single chapter that I’m working in. The ones beneath are still checked. Have any clue as to what I’m doing wrong?

Also, if I take the time now to unclick each chapter individual, if I click to “include” the higher level category, say, Part 1 or Part 2, will that compile all the chapters within that section, even if I’ve manually turned off each chapter?

If you’re attempting to compile a portion of your manuscript that is contained within a group (like a “Part” folder, or a “Chapter” folder), then it’s usually far easier to just select that logical grouping from the Contents compile option pane at the top of the list (it’s set to the Draft folder by default).

The main exception to that will be if your chapters are composed of a single text file, then this tool will not work as it only lets you pick groups. But there are other ways of selecting what you want to compile that don’t involving setting a bunch of checkboxes every time. You can also select the things you wish to compile in the Binder, and then use that same drop-down menu to use “Current Selection” as your compile group. That also makes it easier to compile two or more chapters at once, since the regular group selection tool only lets you grab one at a time.

Then there are the checkboxes. Make sure you are alt-clicking those in the Contents pane of the compiler. From your description, it sounds like you might be doing this in the Outliner, or even the Inspector, on a one-by-one basis.

No, this checkbox is singular and does not cascade to child items. This makes it useful for adding additional clarity to your outline that isn’t meant to be included in the output. For example you could enclose a few chapter folders in an artifical grouping for your benefit, and set that folder to be excluded. Or you could use this to store chapter notes directly in the chapters they pertain to, without them being exported, or do conceptual outlining for a scene right in the Binder. Of course, if you use it that way, then mass toggling checkboxes will become far more trouble than it is worth since the original state of these checkboxes will be lost in a mass selection.

Quick correction, there’s not an option to compile just the current selection, but you could create a collection with the selection and then compile the collection.

I am finding that a simple copy and paste between Word and Scrivener, as well as the other way around, works very well.

Depending on if and how your chapter in Scriv is divided across more than one doc, you might find that copying and pasting is the most efficient way to do it.

If the Word doc has Word styles, then the styles themselves (the style names, etc) will be lost, same as with importing, but the actual formatting, what you see, will be virtually identical.

Note that while the above might well work for docs that include footnotes or annotations, I’ve had no experience with that. Comments copy and paste between S and W just like regular text, though they do lose their color.

Just an alternative approach.


MGD, that’s what I was doing (and I thought without problem). But then I thought I read somewhere on this forum that Word had invisible characters that didn’t play nice with Scrivener. Using the Word Show/Hide function, it seemed as if Scrivener was occasionally adding spaces before some paragraphs, and at end of paragraphs. Is there anything special you’re doing to avoid this? (Because copying and pasting was REALLY EASY and I would love to go back to it.)

There’s nothing I’m doing that’s special at all. Just straight back and forth.

There is one curious thing I’m seeing that might be related to what you’re seeing.

In Word, I have my regular Normal paragraph spacing with 0 pt before, and 10 pt after, so that each para has its own “built-in” space after, and I don’t need to add an empty paragraph between 2 blocks of text.

In Scrivener, my default para spacing is 12/12 (before/after.)

When I paste text from my 0/10 Word doc into the Scriv 12/12, it looks the same, but when I check the Line spacing ((Format > Text > Spacing), it indicates 10/10.

Based on that I’d expect to see an additional spacing between each para, but I do not.

Doing a quick test just now, starting in Word with a default of 0/10, pasting that into Scriv with a default of 12/12, then going back and forth between them, copying and pasting the same text each time:

Word 0/10 becomes Scriv 10/10
Scriv 10/10 becomes Word 0/7.5
Word 0/7.5 becomes Scriv 7.5/7.5
Scriv 7.5/7.5 becomes Word 0/5.65
Word 0/5.65 becomes Scriv 5.65/5.65
Scriv 5.65/5.65 becomes Word 0/4.25

That’s way more back and forth than I’ve ever actually done, and I can’t say I ever noticed the progressive closing of the spacing, my main concern being color and emphasis formatting.

So something peculiar is going on with how the line spacing is being calculated and/or translated between the two. But there does seem to be consistent spacing each time the paste is performed. That’s what first got me using the copy/paste method: when importing from W into S, as there were inconsistencies on the imported Scriv pages that I couldn’t attribute anything in the Word source.

What this adds up to… I have no idea! :slight_smile: ,