How could I Scrivener keep / use the same indentions for the same list?

When I use a list the position / indentions / of the items / bullets changes when I use the tab key:

How could Scrivener keep using the same indentions for the same list?

Don’t use teh Tab key. Fix it when you compile the output, using the Formatting pane.

Thank you very much, lunk!

Well, I need the list before compiling.

Why not use the tab key?

Scrivener is created to facilitate writing of long texts, which are then output to some specific format using the compile function. If the exact layout of the text is important for you while writing, maybe some other software is better.
Why do you need to have a specific layout for your lists before compiling?

Alright, very good to know, thank you.

I would say, because I want the text / items shown clearly arranged.

You should be able to change the bullet style per level of indent. I’m not around a PC at the moment to double-check, but when you’ve got your indent set, try using the list tool to select a different type of bullet (even the same if you just want filled discs). It is typical for a word processor to use a preset different style of bullet per indent though, which is why you are seeing this behaviour as a default.

Yes, yes, I am.

Sorry for my bad explanation. And sorry, I do not quite understand. I do not want to chage the bullets. What I meant was, when I use the same list / set, I would like that Scrivener always uses the same indents, the same widths and I do not want that it changes the width of an indent. You watched the screenshot / gif / image / video above?

I looks as if the bullet follows the text, so the obvious solution should be to either don’t use the Tab key or accept that the bullet follows the text when you indent with the tab key.

Sorry, I do not understand what this means. How can one see that the bullet follows the text?

How else could one indent the list items (in a none convenient manner)?

In the initial gif it looks as if you are pressing the tab key, which makes the cursor jump to the right and the bullet to follow the cursor so the distance between the text and the bullet is the same.

Alright, thank you.

One workaround – create your list items without bullets/tabs. THEN, highlight them and apply the list style. They should be consistent then.

Thank you for the workaround.

I cannot get it to work. As long as the list / items stay unchanged it does not matte how they are created, I would say, but when I eidt the list some tab widths changes.

There are documents, folders this issue does not appear. But I do not know why. There must be a connection to the editor settings, its indents or so.

Well, I just will leave it like it is.

Many thanks


My understanding is that Scrivener doesn’t actually handle the lists functionality, and that lists are processed by the underlying framework that Scrivener utilizes for a lot of its text capabilities. So unfortunately the L&L team can’t do anything to improve how lists function in Scrivener.

IMHO, the current framework doesn’t handle lists very well, at least in Windows. (Hopefully v3, which will use a newer framework, has improved list handling!)

Same as you, I have found the indentation and bullets to be inconsistent from one line to the next. It usually seems to be because the lines are using different ruler settings. You can confirm this by displaying the Ruler.

The simplest way to ensure consistent bullets from one line to the next is to ensure consistent styles. So I try to start new a bulleted line by placing the cursor at the end of the previous line and hitting enter. Or if an existing bullet line is not aligned with the others, than place the cursor at the beginning of that line, backspace until it becomes part of the previous line, then hit enter.

Or as Devin mentioned above, you can select the entire bulleted list, turn off bullets for the list by clicking on the List button, then turn bullets back on again. That should bring them all into alignment, but then you have to re-indent the sub-bullets again.

All very labor intensive. I have not been able to find any easy way to handle lists in Scrivener, besides avoid them. If someone knows of a better approach, hopefully they will enlighten us!

I am fortunate that I write fiction, so only need lists for my side notes. :slight_smile:

Hope some of that is useful,

ETA: You may want to play around with Copy Ruler & Paste Ruler commands, to get the bullets to behave the same.

Thank you very much, Jim, yes very useful information. I will try to put your ideas into practise.

Many thanks again.