How could one access the icons manager?

How could one access the icons manager and navigate and remove / move items:

How could one remove more than one icon at the same time?

And how could one remove the big empty space?

As far as I know, there is no icons manager; the screen in your screenshot is what you get! I don’t think you can delete or move icons; if you can, I don’t know how - sorry!

How did you get so many icons? Did you download them yourself? Maybe that’s the cause of the big white space? Can you teach me how to do it?

Yes, I guess, I downloaded some icons and use some program icons and some of Scrivener’s icons, etc.

How to get the icons into Scrivener? Yes, e.g. press STRG+ALT+right mouse click on an item in the Binder you want another / an icon for or if you do not want another icon do it anyway, a window opens, go to the icons manager…sorry my Scrivener does not work anymore at the moment…if I remember it correctly it is at the bottom, open it and drag one or more icons from your file manager into the icons manager window or add them by clicking “Add” or so in the same window.

That’s helpful, thanks.

You are very welcome.