How could one assign special programs to be opened with special extensions?

How could one assign special programs to be opened with special extensions:

I think this is a system-wide issue: you just set whatever program you want to associate to be the Windows default and that’s what Scrivener uses.

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Well, yes, I am not quite sure, I meant, can I Scrivener make use a program to show PDFs I can assign within Srivener.

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I still don’t understand what you want. I just dragged a pdf into a note in my research folder and when I clicked on the link it used my pdf reader to open the file. I can’t even figure out where the menu from your image is coming from.

Yes, and I want Scrivener to open the pdf with another program than that one it opens on my system.

Context menu, “Open”:

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So you want pdf’s to be opened by two different programs depending on if you open it from Windows explorer or from within Scrivener?

Yes, that is exactly what I meant, precisely said, that is it.

As far as I know, there is no way to do that. Scrivener uses the system defaults; it doesn’t try to re-invent the wheel and have its own database of document types and application associations.

Out of curiosity, is this a capability you’ve seen in some other program?

In fact there’s a similar capability within Scrivener for Windows! If a user drags that PDF file entry from Windows Explorer into Document References, he’ll have a context menu option on that reference: Open File Location. From there, the Explorer context menu includes Open with which presents other ways to open the file.

If Open File Location were added to the context menu for those binder entries that represent external file types, I think that would be an extremely useful enhancement, and I’ll bet it would fulfill the OP’s request in essence.

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There are reasons for that difference. Up to L&L if they want to treat files inside of a Scrivener project as if they weren’t.

Yep, of course it’s up to L&L. But consider the editor display for file types whose content Scriv does not show directly: it includes a file link, and an option to Copy Link Location. That’s not an internal Scrivlink, it’s a filename and a path. So the fourth wall is broken there. Open File Location is a logical fit at that entry as well.

Scriv actually has a needless inconsistency in its presentation of non-doc filetypes. A PDF is previewed within Scrivener, with an Open in External Editor icon at the lower right. An HTML adds a file path that can be selected and copied, a path we can paste when clicking File > Open in our editor of choice. And a non-displayed file – I have an .xlsx spreadsheet in the binder – presents a center link and the Copy Link Location option in lieu of the corner icon.

Of these approaches, the one for PDFs is the most limiting, and the OP has good reason to seek its enhancement. I’d prefer the corner Open in External Editor icon to be available for all non-doc file types, and include the context menu options to Copy Link Location and Open File Location in each case.

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Yes, I assume many programs can do it, e.g. all file managers I assume, like FreeCommander, TotalCommander, Win Explorer, etc., sync programs like FreeFileSync, BeyondCompare and many more.

Yes, almost, additionally I would like to have a file to be opened with a single click with a program the user defined as default.