How could one copy a doc / folder?

How could one copy a doc / folder? When I drag one by pressing CTRL a “+” is shown near the doc / folder but nothing happens, respectively the item is moved.

Hi Brix,

Right-click on the folder in the binder. Choose Duplicate. The folder and it’s sub-documents will be duplicated. Then move the folder to wherever you like in the Binder.


If you’re in Scrivener 3 for Windows, you might try the Documents menu and then “Duplicate.” It gives you the option of copying the document/folder with or without its subdocuments.

If you want Scrivener to always copy a document and/or folder, you can also select the Options under the File menu. In the Behaviors tab, the “Dragging & Dropping” option in the left-hand menu has a choice to activate “Alt-dragging creates duplicates.”

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Hello Jim,

Yes, that is the way I used to copy, but I could not find that option earlier in the context menu. Now I can again, strange. Drag and drop would be easier / faster.

Thank you!

That is good, didn’t know it.

Ah, great, yes, it already is activated.

Thank you.