How could one copy keywords from "Keywords" in right panel to item in Binder?

How could one copy keywords from this area

to another item or more (in the Binder)?

I don’t think you can. But if you use the Gear-shaped icon (or use the menu Project->Project Keywords), you can drag keywords from there to any item in the binder.

Thank you, rdale.

Yes, but you have to serach for the special keywords (for each new item) again each time (instead of just copying the identical keywords of another item in a single step) and if you have many keywords in the project keywords it is very inconvenient doing this again and again.

Many thanks again

If you are assigning the same 4 keywords to many documents, there are short-cuts to doing that.

  • First CTRL-click on all of the documents in the binder that you want to assign keywords to, so that they’re all selected (and make sure no other documents are selected in the binder).
  • Then in the main keywords window, CTRL-click on the keywords you want to assign to those documents.
  • Drag one of the keywords you selected (which will drag all of the selected keywords along with it), and drop them onto one of the selected binder items.

You might also consider indenting related keywords under each other in the keywords window, so they’re easy to find, select and assign.

Thank you very much.

Yes, that is the manner like I do it. And each time you create a new item with, for example, 10 keywords you have to do it again, so selecting the keywords in the main keywords window again, although you have the same combination of keywords in another item.

Yes, a good idea. The related keywords in that “Keywords” window are grouped according to their relations to each other. These groupings are different to the ones (indentings) I would need (if at all possible) to easily select the keywords I would need to get in an item.

Alright, I will just leave it like it is.

Many thanks again

Regarding the type of action where you have some preset keywords you’d like applied to new items, look into the Document Templates feature. All meta-data put into a template will be recreated when you use that template to create new files.

To add a note for future implementation plans, we’ll be adding support for:

  • Copy and paste of keywords.
  • Via the ability to open a document in a separate window (and access inspector panels from within it): drag and drop between keyword lists.
  • Drag and drop from the keywords inspector list onto other documents in the binder and editors. That one may already work on Windows, might as well try.

Yes, I wouldn’t know how to get that properly working. I would have to create templates with many combinations of keywords (and formattings, etc.), I would think, I after some time never would need again instead of just copy the keywords from the item I made before.

That sound really great. The keywords inspector is the area on the screenshot above? Could not get it to work

Many thanks